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DECAy 形容词

形容词:decayed; decay 英音 [ di'kei ] ; 美音 [ di'kei ] 动词: 1.使腐烂,使腐朽 不及物动词: 1.衰败,衰退,衰落 n. 1.腐败、衰退的状态 词形变化:形容词:decayed;名词:decayer;时态:decayed,decaying,decays。

* The house fell into decay. 那房子腐朽了. 11 [I, Ipr] ...形容词等的词条, 如 fall in love (with sb) => love1; fall flat => ...

Physics The immediate product of the radioactive decay of an element.【物理学】 继承元素:某种元素放射性衰变的直接产物adj.(形容词)Possessing the ...

than shift from A to B decay from A to B reconcile A with B replace...3.形容词从句:He's the best student I've ever taught. 英语关联词 —...


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